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It is 99 days until Halloween! Military Discount inside

Did you know that? 99 days. It is right around the corner! I went to Micheal's to make a craft and they already have fall/Halloween items out. If your kids are anything like mine then they are already planning what they want to be! They really get into it, you ...

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Our Trip to the Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD

Did you like my movie trailer? HA! So on this cool ipad air, they have this app that allows you to make movies. I had to make a movie trailer about this SeaDog Speedboat cruise! I worked with Visit Baltimore to arrange my tour and I was offered VIP passed for myself ...

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Irish Heritage Jewelry

My oldest daughter and I have taken an interest in working on family history and we have traced it back to Ireland and Scotland on my grandmother's side. We have decided to bring some cute fine Irish gifts items to the blog to help fund our trip to Ireland. Check out our online store and celebrate your ...

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It is nice to have a nursing background.

Although I am not working in the nursing field, I do have about 3 years of experience. It was my undergrad major at UNCG before I switched over to Political Science. My family has some severe allergies in it and it does come in handy in when to use an ...

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Summer is not over yet!

Here is the latest and greatest from ModCloth! Did ya miss the boat on those early season swim sales? Well fret not, because starting today, ModCloth's bestselling swimwear will be 30% off! These are the most favorite, tried-and-true styles that are known to please the people who have purchased them. Treat yourself to this ...

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Give your baby a fresh start with Purex® & One Step Ahead®!

I'm excited to announce the newest promotion with Purex. I love baby detergent, it just smells so good, and then the babies smell good in it too! Here is a great chance for you, you can win a gift certificate for $1000! Well here you go, Give your baby a fresh start with Purex® ...

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Pretty Flowers for share with you

I recently was contacted by The Bouqs Company (the new floral kid-on-the-block with awesome South American flowers picked from the side of an active volcano) to become an Ambassador. Never heard of them, no me either but amazingly they are pretty popular. In return for blogging about the Bouqs, they ...

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DSW ~ Designer Shoe Warehouse

I must admit I have a passion, a passion for shoes and purses. I don't know where I got it from, my mom and grandmother used to tell me I got it from my Great Aunt Maud. She loved purses. I must have 20 purses and at least 100 pairs ...

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Welcome to my page! Thank you for stopping by I am a Army Wife of 13 years, it has been full of roller coasters, won’t you join my ride. I talk a little about everything from military spouse careers to traveling on a dime!  I love my family, and I really appreciate this army lifestyle we are living.  We have lived all over the US, thanks to the Army.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world, I really have met a lot of friends all over, and yes it comes times when we have to say “See you later” instead of “Goodbye”. So right now we are planting roots in Northern VA. I try hard to help people achieve their dreams and goals. Stay tuned to Army Tankers Wife Adventures! I have an obsession with polka dots, shoes, and hats. My favorite colors are blue, mint and turquoise. I rarely buy things full price; I love a good sale.  I tend to talk a lot. I’d love a pet dolphin.

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